WEBINAR | Optimization vs Scaling How to get the most out of your hosting plan

Terrible – I used #hostgator for multiple domains as a hosting service not for domains. There was a set of domains I no longer wanted to own. I requested them to all be cancelled. I wanted a refund for the auto renewal but they didn’t give it to me. They said they would cancel the domains. A month later I am charged again and see the cancellation is still pending. Then there’s the terrible, unfriendly, and hideous user interface. Not much to say there it looks bad and is annoying to navigate. The customer service representatives take their sweet time replying to you in live chat. It’s just a mess I would recommend any thing but Host Gator. It’s cancer avoid it like the plague. Lisa, England,

Everyone wants to get as much as they can out of their hosting plan, but if you have an issue with your website how do you know when the solution is site optimization or when you should upgrade to a more robust hosting plan to fix your problem? We’ll review key optimization strategies to get your site running smoothly and take a look at how to tell when it’s time to upgrade.