Website, WordPress and multiple Domains Hosting on DigitalOcean with Plesk Control Panel (free)

Horrible Reseller Plans. Just Switched – #hostgator does not give you the ability to transfer websites from another server to your reseller account. You have to go through a process with host gator support and give them all the other servers details and wait for them to do it for you. Really annoying if you already have a ton of accounts on a ton of different servers. I was so furious after setting everything up only to realize no server transfer options in WHM, and they wouldn’t budge and give me the ability to do so, they told me to go dedicated. Anyways, I cancelled immediately and went over to Effex Hosting. So far so good. They gladly gave me server to server transfer options in my WHM panel. I will NEVER deal with host gator ever again!

Managing your servers, websites, WordPress and multiple domains on DigitalOcean has never been this easy. Plesk is the leading WordPress and website management tool providing you with a simple yet scalable platform and control panel. With Plesk on DigitalOcean you get access to a modern web hosting stack to secure and manage websites and applications in one intuitive graphical user interface. The 1-Click version of Plesk on DigitalOcean is FREE for up to 3 domains.

Want to use Plesk on DigitalOcean?

The 1-Click version of Plesk on DigitalOcean is FREE for up to 3 domains.
For new DigitalOcean customers only: get 100$ computing credits for 60 days by using the following link:

– Integrated with the DigitalOcean DNS
– Support of multiple programming languages
– Firewall, WAF and Fail2ban included and already activated
– Free WordPress Toolkit (basic features)
– Single click in-app upgrade to premium features including staging, cloning, reseller management and more or through

Plesk runs smoothly with 1GB RAM and 1 vCPU for smaller websites and environments. Running many websites or higher traffic require a larger droplet size. Please also refer to the Plesk Infrastructure requirements for details:


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