Weekend Vlog | Lovely Weather, Homemade Waffles & Gazebo | Shamsa


Welcome to my weekend vlog, where the weather was absolutely gorgeous, I made some yummy waffles in my waffle maker from Lidl, and show you our new gazebo.

Our gazebo: https://amzn.to/2XwyzQe

I hope you enjoy watching πŸ˜€

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  • H M
    Posted at 19:53h, 06 July

    Salam sis..been like ages..missed u.

  • Al Sam
    Posted at 20:02h, 06 July

    Yummy wafflesπŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š

  • Amber C
    Posted at 20:04h, 06 July

    Salaam sis
    Where have u been? I missed u
    Thank god u uploaded
    Where did u buy your weighing scale from?

  • M Ali
    Posted at 20:09h, 06 July

    What is a GAZEBO

  • Taz B
    Posted at 20:18h, 06 July

    Where u been shamsa? Missed ya, gr8 vlog as always, by the way which flour did u use for the waffles?

  • Khyra A
    Posted at 20:20h, 06 July

    Alhumdullilah nice vlog

  • F Nis
    Posted at 20:22h, 06 July

    Ho shamsa
    So lovely to see you on here. I randomly came across you. So nice to see an old face.
    Lots of love
    An old primary school friend xx

  • The Reviewer
    Posted at 20:44h, 06 July

    I love your video. I learn alot from your video. Very informative!!
    Keep making videos.

  • Safa Amari
    Posted at 20:53h, 06 July

    Asalaam Alaikum sister, it's been a while πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ƒ. Lovely vlog, delicious recipes and cool gazebo, Mash'Allah πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ™Œ. Much enjoyed as always πŸ€—. Peace and blessings xXx βœŒοΈπŸ™β€οΈ.

  • Hanna Isaac
    Posted at 21:14h, 06 July

    salaam sis
    Beef rib biryani is a new Fav for our family 😲😲😲 mashaa Allah so good. i got the idea from ur lamb one πŸ˜‰

  • Khadija Bk
    Posted at 21:17h, 06 July

    As salamu Alaikum sister please share whole recipe of waffles .looks yummy

  • Jola
    Posted at 21:39h, 06 July

    Hi Shamsa lovely video xx I loved the lamb ribs biryani,looked delicious ❀️❀️ could you make a video with recipe for that?

    Posted at 21:59h, 06 July


  • Rukhsana Hussain
    Posted at 22:10h, 06 July

    Asalamualaykum sister Iv missed you xx

  • Shehnaz Hussain
    Posted at 22:24h, 06 July

    Asalamalaikum sis
    So good to see you. Was waiting for your vlog. Vlog was very relaxing. Thorougly enjoyed it. Food is looking good too.πŸ’•

  • kas k
    Posted at 22:24h, 06 July

    why don't you get your husband and children to help you put the clothes away I feel bad for you. have to do it on your own

  • Smira Naz
    Posted at 22:31h, 06 July

    Lovely vlog as usual really been missing u sis . Plz try to upload sooner πŸ₯° stay blessed

  • Abdul Shahid gaming
    Posted at 22:33h, 06 July

    Awwwww look who's back back again our lovely baby sham welcome back hun x missed you

  • Abdul Shahid gaming
    Posted at 22:36h, 06 July

    Where was you hiding ?

  • Shahina's Channel
    Posted at 23:24h, 06 July

    Love the gazebo in the garden. Really tasty looking lamb biryani πŸ˜‹ love ur vlogs ShamsaπŸ’•

  • Baaboh Khan
    Posted at 23:56h, 06 July

    Salaam Shammsa what u doing girl ur making me hungry πŸ™ˆ
    It’s to late to eat now aswell just gonna have to dream about ur waffles n lamb biriyani lol πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  • fats12694
    Posted at 00:25h, 07 July

    Those waffles looks delicious. Just a tip though, I add more batter to make a thicker waffle and then turn them over to make them crispy

  • You Tube
    Posted at 00:55h, 07 July

    A waffle maker seems so American to me πŸ˜‚

  • Rukiye. A.
    Posted at 01:11h, 07 July

    Amazing mother.! MasaAllah gorgeous family.! ❀️😘

  • cheekykitten25
    Posted at 01:41h, 07 July

    It’s 2:40am but I am so glad you posted a video, missed you shamsa! πŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ₯°

  • Sam Ch
    Posted at 02:17h, 07 July

    Walaikum Salam !!!!

  • Zaynah Ali
    Posted at 02:39h, 07 July

    Missed you sis ❀️

  • Abu G
    Posted at 02:59h, 07 July


  • Tzivia Margolis
    Posted at 03:53h, 07 July

    Wow lovely awesome great vlog @ usual shamsa darling love the whole backyard set really very cool and summery those waffles and bbq food looked seriously way divine and tantalizing and the biryani too what a pleasure I have not seen you in ages please continue to make more vlogs be well feel good enjoy the summer take care now dear cousin sister cheers

  • E
    Posted at 07:18h, 07 July

    Salam sis πŸ’– please let me know which email I can contact you through, the one in your Instagram account is inactive and I really need help sharing my mom's medical fund. πŸ™πŸ½

  • M Ali
    Posted at 10:24h, 07 July

    Still don't know what a gazebo is is it something you play with or do you wear it on your head sorry not educated enough

  • Shahana Kayani
    Posted at 10:28h, 07 July

    Salam shamsa, from Sydney Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί you need to upload more often miss your vlogs

  • Jennyfer Tatteea
    Posted at 12:01h, 07 July

    Salam sister,was eagerly waiting for a new vlog ,I know how busy you must be with kids on holidays, maybe you can ask your elder son or girl to participate and record your vlog, am sure they'll be thrilled to play the cameraman 😘,just an idea for the summer holidays, love you to bits and everything that you brought to us, even my son live watching you ,specially during the Ramadan time !!,keep doing what you do best and much love to you and your sweet family ❀😘

  • Robyn 1710
    Posted at 13:08h, 07 July

    Aww yey! I missed you!! Hope you're all well sweet ❀ xxx

  • GorionsWard
    Posted at 14:32h, 07 July

    masAllah lovely vlog and im loving your videos

  • nazma parveen
    Posted at 14:53h, 07 July

    Salaam sis im new to ur channel mashallah sis ur absolutely amazing lovely person. From now i will b watching ur vids they are very inspiring… may Allah swt bless u ameen x

  • Anisah Khan
    Posted at 17:34h, 07 July

    Was waiting for you to upload πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Aliya Abbas
    Posted at 21:42h, 07 July

    Salaamualaykum shamsa!really missed u πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’– …lovely chilled weekeend MashaAllah the bbq look delicious πŸ˜‹

  • Aliya Abbas
    Posted at 21:43h, 07 July