What does Bobtail, Power-only and Air-Ride mean?

Unlimited Storage a sham. #bluehost does not offer unlimited storage unless those files are being used by your web site. So, any thoughts of you storing your personal files on your server which you paid for is an infringement of your service agreement. Stay away from them, it’s one of those “Too good to be true” deals. There’s a reason they stopped receiving any real web awards after 2005… / Read the terms of service first! Two things: 1. #bluehost and Hostmonster have the exact same registration process and Terms of Service. I mean exactly identical, word-for-word, with the exception of the hosting service name itself. 2. Said terms of service are rather regressive, any any guarantees are generally voided in the fine print. See, for example: “Limitation of #bluehost’s Liability. #BLUEHOST SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR NONPERFORMANCE OR DELAY IN PERFORMANCE CAUSED BY ANY REASON, WHETHER WITHIN OR OUTSIDE OF ITS CONTROL. IN NO EVENT SHALL #BLUEHOST BE LIABLE UNDER CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY OR ANY OTHER LEGAL OR EQUITABLE THEORY FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES…” / A bit obvious is it not? Isn’t is obvious that some of these companies are coming on here and writing their own reviews? Do they really think we are that clueless? Get a grip guys. Johnathon Johnson, Desktop Works. / I was 5 seconds away from buying with them for a long period of time. They look pretty serious, cheap and good. Reviews are ok… BUT BE AWARE THAT THE TERMS OF SERVICE OF THIS PEOPLE, ARE STRONG AGAINST FOUL LANGUAGE, NUDITY, SEX AND SO ON!!!…./ I have spent hours trying to find commentary on ease of use (for beginners) of web building programs offered by web hosts. I have not been able to find comments from beginners like me. This info is crucial to me, that the program be dead simple. This review does not refer to Blue Host but to you who rate web hosts. Your reviews simply don’t tell me crucial info. / Host Monster, Fast Domain, and Blue Host are all the same company. Any differences are cosmetic. Even the prices are the same, but sometimes one is slightly less than the others. It’s really interesting to read how people write about such different experiences when they are the same company with the same support people answering the phones. / #bluehost = HellHost – I purchased hosting account with their so called 6.95 deal and the price changed to 7.95–not a big change still dishonest ads is what i dislike the most. Did not instantly activate my account, took 79 hours or so to get up and running. When I had an issue with Cpanel and tried to reach support never got through chat or tickets. Later that month I had an unexpected charge so I decided to initiate chat for billing but no one there either, I mean why have billing support option in your live chat if u don’t offer it. Sorry, but I am taking my business elsewhere, I have canceled my account and have a great host now. Good luck to all who go with #bluehost. I DON’t RECOMMEND IT PERIOD. Paul / #bluehost is listed as best PHP/SQL but there is no information as to why??? I need unlimited SQL and access to php.ini but have no idea if they give it. Please explain your reasoning for choosing hosts as best at this or that. Otherwise the ratings are meaningless. / Sanctimonius liars – If Matt Heaton, the sanctimonious self satisfied liar who runs #bluehost and spends all his time blogging about how great it is spent more time maintaining uptime, this service might be worthwhile. All the features on earth do not compensate for the constant downtime and slowness of what was once a great hosting service. They got too big too fast – go elsewhere or be prepared for constant frustration with these liars. / Server is not reliable – I have had great experience with #bluehost. But recently it is not. I am writing at the moment of extreme frustration. My website has been down for more than 18 hours and is still down right now because #bluehost server has been down and don’t know when it will be up and running again. We lost business because customers cannot go to our website. This is a major headache for us. Unless #bluehost solve the problem soon and do something to prevent the server from malfunctioning, we will need to change to another hosting services. / Customer service reps unknowledgable – Blue Host may be a good hosting company, but customer service reps seem too uninformed to be answering the phone. I called customer service three different times for information on their hosting plans. It was like pulling teeth just to get an answer. Any answer. They seemed like they knew less than me, but at the same time made me feel like I was stupid. Desiree’ USA / Chat support is non-existent – I checked #bluehost for a client. I had questions so I logged in to chat with their tech support. It took over 21 minutes to get answers to 3 basic questions. I asked the techie why: “we are so busy tonight”. It was 6:30 pm Beijing time, i.e. 6:30 am EST, and 3:30 am PST. So busy at this time of the night? Second: They don’t offer unique IP addresses for each domain. Only one for each account. If you control 100 domains for 1 client, you have to open 100 accounts! Third: We ensure tech support for our clients as hosting companies do not excel at servicing accounts (just check how long it took to get 3 answers!) But #bluehost does not offer a reseller program. Their “affiliate program” pays a one-time commission. If you maintain 100 domains for a client, your total payment is a measly $65. However you will take flak from your client if the host’s servers go down, and you won’t get any compensation for that: your client has become #bluehost’s client. Sorry, no deal. / Poor Tech Support – I am researching to find a host for my first web site. There are so may choices; so I have been emailing questions to many hosts just to get a feel for their support capabilities. #bluehost consistently refers me to an online FAQ even thought the FAQ is obviously not responsive to my question. There seems to be a computer or maybe a farmer in Pakistan answering the questions. / After reading reviews on this forum, I tried to get a #bluehost account. I went to the Chat section and asked about their PHP compatibility. Sales Support said they would consult with their Tech Advisor. They left me on hold and didn’t get back to me in the chatroom. I called Sales and asked them the same question. Sales hung up on me. #bluehost could indeed be a great webhost, but Sales was terrible. N/A regarding webhosting as I never go past Sales to open an account. When I called, the heavy foreign accent of phone support led me to believe they outsource phone support who are not knowledgeable to sell #bluehost accounts. / Refusing To Refund – After a failed attempt to cancel my renewal (due to some unknown issue) #bluehost have failed to honour their money back guarantee, stating yet more technical issues. They could neither explain the problem nor give even an estimated time frame for my refund, refusing to narrow it down to days, months or (shockingly) even years! Their customer support could barely understand what I was saying half the time, and the wait times for live chat were upwards of 10 minutes. When I asked simple questions they would ignore my question and simply rattle a scripted nonsense that had nothing to do with my query! If they didn’t like my question they would simply stop responding. I cancelled my hosting renewal because not only had the price increased 3 fold but their website was impossible to use. I had to ask a friend who builds websites for a living to help install wordpress as their one-click install didn’t work. / THEY LIE! – My site has been in a Weebly upgrade for almost 2 MONTHS. They claim it should only take a few days. THEY LIE! I’ve been locked out of editing my web site and ready to switch to a more reputable company. DON”T USE #BLUEHOST!!! Even a ONE STAR is to high of a rating for this company. / Incompetent Tech Support – Initially had one domain name, and then transferred my site to another domain name. In doing so, I wanted them to add an SSL certificate. They configured the SSL certificate incorrectly, and now they’re having problems correcting it. My site has been down for one week and counting so far. Incompetence is not fun. / #bluehost scam? – I just received a notice to auto renew Blue Host but have no recollection of ever signing up for it. I called to cancel and was told to send an email to their billing dept. Only possible way they could have been paid is via PayPal or my bank charge account and not sure how they would have gotten that info. / HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! WILL NOT HONOR RATES!!!! A WASTE OF TIME!!! – After setting up my account and trying to make purchase on a sales rate being offered to me, I was kicked off the site and my credit card had a lock put on it. I had the credit card company release the lock and tried again. Same thing, I was kicked off the site. I tried with a 2nd credit card and same thing again! I called #bluehost Customer service and spent 3 hours on the phone being told they would fix the issue, get my account set up and would honor the sales rate…. only to be told in the end that they could not honor the rate because they could not regenerate it!! They would put me on hold for sometimes 30 minutes without checking back in. I was told they were trying to communicate to different departments through chat, that they did not even have access to some of their own departments by phone. That the sales rate was not a good rate and their site may have been hacked… that does not instill confidence when trying to set up a website with them. / so sad – dont bother – tried assigning a domain to my vps and had an error while doing and tech support isnt able to give eta or say what the issue is and basically says we’ll figure it out when we figure it out. nothing but condescending chatter from a bunch of people who could careless about you or your situation. way to go #bluehost! / Worst Services – I purchased hosting from #bluehost. initially they were good henceforth they are really bad. hosting suddenly stop and i lost so many clients due to bad service. i never recommend this hosting / AVOID AT ALL COSTS – Their hosting services are garage. Customer service is a hold line hell hole. Once I was able to receive a refund they shorted me and I can’t resolve it. / Auto renew nightmare – Hosting as been fine but watch out for the promotions. Accept a “great” promotion and they will auto renew your account for way more then the agreement price. You get no advance notice of the auto renew and you have a limited time to contest the ($250/mon) charge since its through a third party (SEO Works). Not a good business practice by any standard and damaging for any new business trying to get started. Next stop, the Better Business Bureau. / #bluehost Violated ICANN regulations and fraudulently transferred my hosting account – #bluehost has committed fraud and allowed my account to be hacked. Use literally anyone else, if this would affect you negatively– because they do ZERO to protect you or prevent it, and they operate fraudulently. / Terrible – We have been getting a large volume of spam from #bluehost’s shared servers in the past 2 weeks. Even though we’ve reported the spams to their abuse dept and even phoned them, the spams keep coming (all from the same spammer). Many of their ip addresses are on blacklists. We have just blocked their entire network on our firewall. / Horrible service – I hate everything about their experience. Cancellation was incredibly difficult. They make you call via phone and wait 30 minutes. I tried multiple times, twice giving up after 20 minutes. Then they don’t even cancel over the form but send you a form to an email address that they made stop working (I had an email address that stopped working when purchasing their hosting service) / #bluehost is a Desperate Dying Company – I am 61 years old & thought that it might be nice to blog. It’s a bit more complicated than I thought. In the meanwhile my husband learns that he has cancer so needless to say I did not cancel in time. #bluehost is a bloodsucking company as far as money is concerned. Don’t use them! / Avoid like the plague – Always down, stupid operators, poor tech, what’s not to like? / #bluehost is a disaster, waste of time, wasting my website business – #bluehost sold me a an infected IP address. They made me contact each email company, e.g. Microsoft Hotmail, AT&T, etc. 1 by 1 because the IP address they put my site on was previously a banned IP address, at best due to a Spam operator. When I call the so called VPS dedicated help line, I have to wait for hours and 9 out of 10 times, #bluehost never knows what the solution is. . Their servers are so incredibly slow, I am now ready to transfer my site to another host, no matter how seemingly / These people are scammers – Be very, very careful with these people. They did to me what Wells Fargo did to its customers. When I first tried to join, I picked a website name and they said it was taken. I picked a second and they said it was taken too. The third was available, but they billed me for all three. Their Help was utterly ignorant and unhelpful, and even when I got through to other people, I spent hours on the phone. The result? #bluehost canceled all three sites, but still charged me for them. This has gone on for months. I can’t imagine a worse host. / Steer clear of #bluehost. Very, very poor customer service. – Trying to get a simple question answered. On hold for over 30 minutes. Still no live person, only dated elevator jazz. Giving up. Will be switching to a better provider upon renewal. Rating 1 Star for price, because although competitive, what good is a low price if you cant’ get any service. Same for Reliability. No experience with Tech Support, but can imagine similar wait times. User friendliness also requires a live person, of which there is none. I wish the company were listed on stock exchange so I could short it. Can’t imagine them being in business much longer. / I worked at #bluehost for about 4 years. When I first came to the company it was literally the greatest company/job I had ever seen. The goals were realistic, they took care of their employees with parties, awards, challenges and the moral of the floor was sky high. EIG ended up buying out #bluehost and that’s when the whole company went shady. They started increasing prices(claiming you were getting better software) started tricking customers into thinking they “NEEDED” a dedicated IP. Are whole training was to make a customer feel stupid and make them feel like they had to have what we were trying to sell. They made support, billing, cancellations and sales all upsell on every call. We were given unrealistic goals to hit and to trick customers into buying features they didn’t need. Hari(the CEO) only cares about his stocks and is failing miserably so he randomly fired over 100 employees that had hit their numbers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Shady as it gets. From your #bluehost Rep:) / #bluehost is the antithesis of all things good… I am hoping that unselected stars will allow me to submit this post as there is nothing shining about any aspect of this entity that calls itself a hosting service. To host what? To serve up incompetence? To deliver with remarkable precision a customer experience that ranks with the competence and follow through of a ghost town. Technical support comes in the form of a link to general knowledge of a the concept and not the actual steps to be effective and successful in solving the problem. Like some mess of a geek that lost his way and just points to places for a solution while his face is masked by a bag of Doritoz that is being poured into his mouth…it is borderline, comical. The excitement of the countime timer of 37 minutes for live chat to find itself stuck on, “We will be right with you!” as the final message in the series with everyone running out the back door laughing as they say, “I wonder how long he’ll wait…” Thumbs down for this hosting service. / WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! – Everything worked perfectly until the last 7 days. Support ignores me completely The Blue Host CHAT SUPPORT are mainly Indians and don’t speak my language ( ENGLISH), what’s the point of hiring someone who can not satisfy the customer. I am not being racist I talked to 15 tech . support dudes and none of them could fix my problem. Instead of helping me and have everyday new excuses why my website is not working. This was the worst investment ever! NEVER AGAIN #BLUEHOST! 7 Days – my website is down and support staff is totally useless. / #bluehost is a very unethical company – So long story short, they screwed my business, and created very inconvenient circumstances that forced me to pay. Their support is basically non existent they make you wait long periods of time, their emails don’t have much space so you have to delete your emails very often, and they really don’t care about you or your business. I tried calling support at least 20 times and every time it was the same thing – wait for hours, no issue is resolved unless you pay pay and pay for more unnecessary things. Worst company ever dealt with in the 21st century. / #bluehost Unreliable – For one year, Blue Host worked just fine for me. In the last month, there has been issue after issue. I call and one person will tell me one thing, and the next person says the issue is something completely different. They will blame my plugins and then I realize it had nothing to do with plugins after all. It is hard to find a bad review of #bluehost because of all of the bloggers with #bluehost affiliate links and reviews from when Blue Host was still a reliable host. I upgraded my site to WordPress Optimized, per #bluehosts suggestion to make my site better. Unfortunately, I’m still having issues. / Terrible and Horrific Service – We are experiencing downtime our 3 websites since yesterday. The customer service are very poor and cannot resolve the repeated issue. They always provided us the short term solution not a long solutions. The money we pay is not worth because of terrible and horrific hosting service. Our business is suffered for big loss since yesterday. This is not recommended for web hosting providers. / Worst hosting period – I have had so many clients recently who have been suckered into getting #bluehost. Their sites are so broken and slow. Constant database errors. It’s terrible. Worst host ever. / Wouldn’t recommend #bluehost to my worst enemies – I had an awful experience with #bluehost and I would not recommend this company even to my worst enemies. Besides having countless problems with their hosting service, I was misled into buying upgrades that would fix one problem then cause another. The uptime got so bad that it reached 50% (according to an independent report) in the last couple of months. Resorting to their trouble ticket system was a total waste of time. I was told by one of their reps that they have 7,000+ tickets in the queue! More recently, they suspended then deactivated my account arguing that I was “overusing” their resources (not sure how that’s possible with a 50% uptime). Once I disputed some credit card charges for poor service, they tried to blackmail me by blocking the transfer of my domain name to another registrar, and they said they would only unblock it if I paid the credit card dispute fees. I filed a complaint with ICANN but before ICANN took action, #bluehost came to their senses. / My Client’s Problem Wasn’t “Important Enough to Escalate” for a Remedy – DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. FOR ALL THE MONEY YOU SAVE, YOU WILL PROBABLY LOSE IN PROBLEMS. I am a developer. I have been designing websites since 1999. I have been developing sites using WordPress since 2006. I have client sites on Godaddy, Lunarpages, Justhost, and recently #bluehost. My clients site was compromised to full root access FIVE times. Each time after a completely new install, new database, and updated plugins. He is on shared hosting. I have four times called them. They never take any credit and try to sell me extra monitoring for more money. I have taken every recommendation that they have suggested. None of my sites on other shared hosting accounts are having problems. This last time, Joshua of #bluehost, told me that my case wasn’t important enough to escalate. They are very rude and act very blameless. Our case was so uncommon, that out of 17 years I have never had this problem. I think it was important enough to escalate. / Terrible company – The only good things you’ll ever receive about this place are from people going through their referal program trying to earn money from sign ups. They don’t care about their existing customers unless they can manage to get you to buy more of their mediocre service. Stay away! / #bluehost The Worst Hosting Company on the Planet – #bluehost is simply one of the worst, if not the worst hosting company out there, especially for WordPress websites. The only reason they are so well know and are able to trick people into becoming customers is because the have a very profitable affiliate program. Bloggers and review websites are willing to trade their credibility for financial gain. I know because I was duped by one of these so called transparent reviews. I have had a cloud hosting service with a dedicated ip for 3 months. On 3 separate occasions I have had down times of over 2 hours. Each time https://www.#bluehost/cgi/serverstatus says that there are no known issues. The up time reporting within my account says that my servers have an up time of 100%. This in an of itself is blatantly false information and should be investigated. When I call in I am put on hold for an average of 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes more. / Bad, bad service. Do NOT care about the customer – Tech support failed to help me with basic questions regarding my site-migration. I therefore adressed a refund. Refund was answered ONE year later. They refunded me 2 out of three years. I did newer use the account. / THE WORST – blue host is the WORST – rude people, broken hosting and they dont give a crap! / Bad Customer Service and Shady Pricing – I never actually purchased #bluehost hosting. The customer service experience alone on chat was appalling. A lot of delays as the rep told me he is chatting on multiple chats. Then I was asking about pricing and he kept giving me quotes that were far off what the actual cost should be. So apparently hidden pricing. I would steer clear of this company at all costs. Horrible! / the servers are going down too much. Check tweeter ##bluehostdown / Worst Hosting Company Ever!! – First of all every time you call you will be on hold for 30 minutes at least. I started having customers say they were not receiving my emails so I called #bluehost regarding the issue, they said it was a spam issue and they were trying to clear it up. They never notified me of ANY issue. I had to find out from customers. This went on for three weeks until I was fed up as it was affecting my business. So I cancelled my service with them and moved to another provide. They still owe me my prorated refund as I paid in full for three years. They sent the money back to my closed bank account and are now saying my bank has the money. I’ve called my bank and they’ve assured me several times they DO NOT have the money. I’ve called #bluehost AGAIN and AGAIN explaining my bank does not have the money. All I’m told is that the bank with “eventually” find the funds and return them to #bluehost. At that point they can send me a check. Are you kidding me???!! What a terrible company!! / After 15 years they now SUCK TOTALLY AND ARE A SCAM!!!! – I was with #bluehost for over 15 years and they were a great company for many years however, they got bought out by another company not too long ago and they now try to hit you with sitelock. They claim you have malware embedded in your site even though nothing has been changed in them for years. They get you to buy sitelock’s service or they will interrupt your services until all malware is removed. Only problem is they expect you to purchase sitelock for every single site you host with them. I got sick of them doing it to me over 9 times in 2015 and it always was on a weekend when their terms of service was closed. So I had enough of their garbage and moved over to godaddy. What do you know? No malware detected with the exact same sites and emails migrated over. My advice? AVOID THEM AS THEY ARE THIEVING IN HIGH GEAR. Also avoid siteground.com also they are wayyyyyy over priced. / Think twice before signing up – They servers crash, their employees openly lie, the holds times are outrageous, the support is almost nonexistent. Not sure how such companies still exist… / Cons of using #bluehost – Confusing pricing – As cheap as $2.95 may sound, users often do not read the fine print to notice this is an introductory price based on a term of 36 months. You do have options to select 12 or 24-month plans, but they do increase. For example, you can select the most popular Plus plan at $4.45 for 36 months. However, for 24 months or 12 months, the price increases to $5.45 and $6.45 respectively. There are no three and six-month deals to take at all. / Cons of using #bluehost – No automatic backups – While #bluehost does offer backups, the backups are a courtesy so you can’t depend on your data to be backed up daily – so no guarantees here. You must set up and run your own backup via the cPanel and to your own local device. Another bad feature here is that any data #bluehost backs up within the past 30 days is overwritten. #bluehost’s Terms clearly state that they will hold no responsibility for this. Site Backup Pro is a paid add-on offered by #bluehost. It creates regular and automated backups of your site. / Cons of using #bluehost – ‘Unlimited’ really means ‘limited’ – #bluehost’s Plus, Prime, and Business Pro plans boast of their unlimited number of websites, and “unmetered” storage, email accounts, email storage, and subdomains given to clients. However, their User Agreement, Clause 7 Usage Policies and Definitions, explain otherwise. It’s only unlimited up to a certain level. Their unlimited plan is comparable to most providers (i.e. #bluehost isn’t the only web host that promises “unlimited” web hosting). / Cons of using #bluehost – Draconian CPU throttling / protection – #bluehost rolled this out in 2009 and had a few customers bewildered. You may not have heard of CPU throttling beforehand either. You can find your CPU throttling log in the cPanel. Simply put, if #bluehost thinks your website is taking up too many resources, they might decide to preserve the server resources by freezing your CPU usage. / Cons of using #bluehost – No Windows hosting – #bluehost only offers Linux-based servers. I.e. you can’t get Windows hosting. This isn’t a huge concern as Linux is the most used and popular operating system for web servers. / Cons of using #bluehost – No uptime guarantee – #bluehost does not offer an uptime guarantee. When selecting a hosting provider, you want an uptime of as close to 100% as possible. #bluehost does not give you a guarantee, but their Network/Server Uptime Agreement states that “most issues are resolved in approximately 15 minutes”. #bluehost averages about a 99.94% uptime. This .05% outage means that over a full year your site is down for 4.4 hours. Overall, #bluehost’s uptime is reliable. / Cons of using #bluehost – Load times are slow – #bluehost’s load times are not always the fastest either. According to a Kissmetrics study, 47% of consumers believe a site should load in less than 2 seconds. And 40% of consumers will leave the site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. / Cons of using #bluehost – Up-selling is a business model – #bluehost up-selling practices are designed to make you purchase them. I.e. there will be annoying popups and alerts appearing. They have up-sells to select before you check out. Also, there are install add-ons you’ll purchase that normally are included with other hosting providers. / Cons of using #bluehost – Expensive renewal rates – Like other hosting companies, #bluehost introductory pricing is to lure customers in. It’s also quite misleading. So, when it’s time for renewal, you’ll be shocked to discover the pricing is almost 90% increased. If you decide to signup with #bluehost you are better off signing up for a 24/36 month period on the discounted introductory pricing. / Cons of using #bluehost – Slow support response times – Although #bluehost does have 24/7 technical support, they aren’t always easily accessible. The response times can vary from ten minutes up to an hour. The initial response is auto generated in some instances. / Cons of using #bluehost – Site migration is not included – If you’re looking to switch host and leave #bluehost for whatever reason they do offer site migrations, however for a fee. #bluehost will transfer up to 5 sites and 20 email accounts for the price of $149.99. Comparing this to other web hosting providers, this is a rip-off as most do not charge anything at all for migrating your site.

Trucking terms explained. What is bobtail? What is Power-only? What is Air Ride?

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