What Happened at Three Mile Island? Effects of Nuclear

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What Happened at Three Mile Island?
The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant close to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA and has 2 pressurized water reactors.

The accident occurred in the 2nd unit on March 28, 1979, when the reactor was operating at 97% power at 04:00.

As a result of a minor failure in the secondary cycle, the temperature of the first cycle has increased.
The reactor is then automatically shut down. At this point, the pressure relief valve did not close, resulting in the loss of the refrigerant in the first cycle and the temperature of the decay.
The core has been severely damaged by this event.
The operators have not been able to properly diagnose this unplanned shutdown of the reactor and have not responded properly.
Incomplete control room vehicles and inadequate emergency response training are seen as the main causes of the accident.

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