what is a webhost, webserver, website?

Jack Gregory , London, UK branding-warehouse.co.uk – Worst Host Ever encounted – What can i say? Rude, Ignorant, unhelpful, expensive… I asked for a certain file from them which involved them clicking one button and they wouldn’t provide me with it and then got angry when i asked why! Honestly this is one of man problems! please avoid them! for your own sake.

So what is a website? What is a Webhost, What is a Website?
To find a list of Webhosts that I personally use go to http://www.webhostinghunters.com

These are the best webhosts I’ve found:


I created this website just to let people know of the better sharing companies that me or my clients have tried. This hosting comparison website is much different than the rest because I let the company do all the talking and I’ve pre-filtered the webhosts so that only the ones I’ve liked in the past made it on the site. I will be adding more to the site as time goes on but these are the best ones that I”ve found so far.
if you know of any good ones and have good reason to know why – please shoot me a message and I will check them out and maybe add them to the list.
I also own a website called http://www.whatwebhost.org that is one I’m also working on but that one will go a little more in depth. In that one I will talk about many things like the terminology that the web world uses and will explain in depth many things about the hosting world – so if you would like to check it out, please do. Its not completed but it is available for you to see.

Thank you for checking out my youtube video and I hope you and yours have a wonderful day/night.

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