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Awful company, autobilling a month before expiration with no notice or negotiation – I’ll give anyone the worst review ever for auto-billing you 30 days prior to your site expiration and refusing to offer any sort of refund, and bury it in the TOS, without providing any notice of autobilling. They outsource their domains to another company who is some sort of shadowy figure of which there is no negotiation. The customer service sucks, and to top it off, their chat is f-ing unencrypted while asking your for login and password info to verify your account! The chat person even told me there was no way I could submit a ticket without going through the chat (not true, I did it on the phone cause I refused to give him my login info on a site that Chrome blocked). Unbelievable that a hosting company that wants to assure me my shit is secure, asking me to provide personal info on an unencrypted connection. Will never use this company again. Jeffrey Gutowski, Chicago, avioncare.com

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Hi friends, is video mein Humne domain and hosting ke baare me bataya hai. Agar aap bhi apna website banana Chahte Hain, to ye video aapke liye helpful hoga. Yaha Humne domain, hosting, server ke baare me bataya hai. Agar aap 1 domain, hosting kharidna Chahte Hain, uske baare mein bhi Hame bataya hai.

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