What is Web Hosting?| Shared vs Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated Server. How to buy Server + Free Hosting

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In this video I’ll discuss on webhosting plans, ky web hosting kya hai, Difference b/w shared vs cloud vs dedicated vs vps hosting, OR how to buy webhosting & which webhosting plan is best for you.

Complete Information about web Hosting with their features.
Here I cover 20+ topics related to Web Hosting

_____Move what you want to from this video:
0:01 Introduction about web Hosting.
0:40 Why you need Web Hosting.
1:20 Hosting Server like Linux or Windows.
1:25 #Dedicated Hosting.
5:00 #VPS Hosting.
7:15 Cloud Hosting.
9:12 #Shared Hosting.

3:00 What is Web Storage,
3:25 Bandwidth kya hai,
4:20 IP address initial touch,
10:25 Why dedicated IP is not provide in Shared Hosting,
12:40 Sub Domains,
13:10 Which Hosting should I buy?
15:05 Which site are Trust-able,
17:10 Is best to choose 1 domain Hosting Plan,
17:35 Free Hosting Idea,
19:10 Discussion on TMDHosting,
21:05 Linux or Windows Hosting,
24:35 Windows Hosting little idea,
22:13 Hostgator Hosting + Features,
22:48 WordPress Hosting,
24:33 How to buy Web Hosting.

I hope you will get complete idea about Web Hosting and their features & also you’ll be able to decide which hosting should buy. Have you any query please mention it in description section.

Bluehost: https://www.bluehost.com
Hostgator: https://www.hostgator.com
TmdHosting: https://www.tmdhosting.com
nameCheap: https://www.namecheap.com
iPage: https://www.ipage.com
____________ OR ___________
If you buy hosting in Pakistan using jazzcash/easypaisa then also visit its for starter:
easyhost: https://www.easyhost.pk
I’m not sure about easyhost but I

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