What Web Hosting You Should Use For 2017

U must be lucky not to face any issue – I have VPS package with #Ipage. Anytime I have faced a problem it took days to get it resolved. They have NO direct number for VPS support, you have to go through general regular chat and after explaining basic stuff the agent is acting like a middle man chatting with someone at VPS and replying to you. Very slow and sad. Most of the time they say we will open a ticket and after 2 days a jackass gets back to you and say “hey, we don’t support this, we dont cover that and so on”. Lauren, San Diego, CA

Today we talk about what web hosting you should use to get blazing fast load times on your WP sites.

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  • Craig Anthony
    Posted at 13:36h, 21 December

    Sounds like you had nightmare. :/
    Im currently using HostboxUk. The server my site is running on uses 100% green energy by using wind powered server centres. My site ( http://www.reformations.co.uk ) goes live in a few hours. So bloody excited ! Thanks for all the amazing info Chase.
    ps – Ive shared this on facebook,twitter and googleplus 😉

  • masthan y
    Posted at 05:43h, 08 November

    This is not good….all your videos are difficult to understand..what do first and what do next… It is better to create video play list to understand easily….totally poor