What's new in HTCondor? What's coming?

D. CA, USA – Ignored Cancellation – I can’t tell much about the performance because I did not actually use them. I cancelled my account in Dec. 2012 but just found out nearly a year later because I received a renewal email, that they charged my credit card anyways. I talked to the support who confirmed that they received my cancellation but that an email was sent to me the very next day – which I never received – asking for the reason for my cancellation but since they didn’t receive a reply, they simply continued with the charge in January – which was also then suddenly much higher. Well, here is one reason why one should not sign up with #Justhost because it looks like a scam.

Discover the breadth of newly available features in HTCondor 9.0, and find out what improvements are on the horizon. Presented on May 24 by Todd Tannenbaum as part of HTCondor Week 2021.

Slide decks are available here: https://agenda.hep.wisc.edu/event/1579/timetable/?view=standard

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