WHO RUNS AMERICA? with Eddie Bravo, Alex Jones, and Sam Tripoli

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Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #180: Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo

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Conspiracy Box

  • Brandon McKinney
    Posted at 21:45h, 11 April

    This is absolutely the truth find your answers world, they are there, you will find them, this all in the unwritten history the hidden truth they will never tell you

  • Dollarr sterecher Fantish
    Posted at 22:20h, 11 April

    Any news about Nipssiy Hassel death.?
    Who is double agent from all of you?

  • Adam Quinn
    Posted at 22:36h, 11 April

    I only clicked the like button because it's so insane, it's entertaining.

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    Posted at 22:37h, 11 April

    Yeaaaaa man

  • Dollarr sterecher Fantish
    Posted at 22:39h, 11 April

    I believe the scientist can't figure out any other dimension.

  • Flops Flipped
    Posted at 22:40h, 11 April

    Bahahaha Alex Jones thinks that they have power that is to be feared… I was summoned to reveal the true king… it is me I find much more out from the dead than watching youtube .movz

  • thomas herbert
    Posted at 23:30h, 11 April

    This is 🔥

  • Brandon McKinney
    Posted at 23:39h, 11 April

    Make the CERN scientist memes, cuts an shadow them to us crazy people saying same shit they are, we are Q, at the same time my boy trump has hit some prophecy with the coming of the antichrist isreal has begun the third temple the blood moon came the red heifer was born an they sacrificed that thing. Judgement will be in this generation yall better find Jesus as your saviour an mean it he knows the real from the fakes

  • Silver Lotus
    Posted at 23:41h, 11 April

    I'm all for these guys and the truth but don't forget that they make money from these videos too

  • Texeira Correa
    Posted at 23:53h, 11 April

    Eddie is my spirit animal

  • Musa Tebi
    Posted at 00:11h, 12 April

    Christian god jehovah is zeus and not good. Satan is saturn jehovah's father and i dont want to say evil but for my taste is crazy. Elite is into saturn. Zeus' son apollon is lucifer and represents light. Freemasons are probably into lucifer but could be controlled by saturnian elite.

  • Nick Payne
    Posted at 00:12h, 12 April

    He is right….lucifer means light in latin. Lucifer does not mean satan. Lucifer and satin are not the same. They even refer to Jesus as the light.

  • أفلاك الأفكار
    Posted at 00:56h, 12 April

    The Ka'bah is the Black Cube of Saturn?? Magic is literally forbidden in Islam and is considered one of the biggest sins, we are completely against the Dark Arts.

  • Nicholas Roux
    Posted at 02:16h, 12 April

    Alex Jones ran over you guys and dominated the conversation.

    Eddie im a fan but based on your body language you seemed tense

    and didn't own your space very well.

    Also, whoever the other two are…not very interesting.

    Im stoned

  • barry goldwater
    Posted at 03:16h, 12 April

    Flat he says

  • nicksttrs
    Posted at 03:27h, 12 April

    Alex " The Man, The Myth, The Legend" Jones

  • Obersturmbannfuhrer. SS.
    Posted at 04:08h, 12 April

    Beware jones is gatekeeper

  • Earthling15 !
    Posted at 04:09h, 12 April

    Money junkies run the show.

  • patrick weigand
    Posted at 08:10h, 12 April

    The Bible I thought that was God's last theatrical movie plot? When I asked who got Mary pregnant? The Holy Ghost? Her dad must have been a pervert??????

  • Jack Dolah
    Posted at 12:20h, 12 April

    If this full video taken down but why is it that jRe podcast with alex still exist????

  • Mr.Blurry Face
    Posted at 14:01h, 12 April

    Ahhh, understanding ENERGY ??? Energy existing in infinite forms, and as humans see and experience these energies try ever so desperately to understand what is unknown to them ??? Upon their discoveries they then label them and give them definitions as to what that unknown is ??? Expecting everyone else to SEE ENERGY AS THEY SEE IT ??? Like each individual picture, each form of energy is worth thousands of words ???

    Who runs America ??? The Same ones who run every country on this EARTH ??? YOUR SELF, PROCLAIMED KINGS OF COURSE ??? For the Kings bible HAS TOLD YOU SOW, AND WE REAP WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN INTO US ??? The Whirl Winds of CREATION ??? Man created to be in the creators image, We are creators ??? We are energy, consuming energy, the eating of energy, and from all energy, is all energy ???

    Explaining it in LAY MANS TERMS so you humans may understand what and who you,all are ??? They told themselves, GOD grants them these powers, RULE OVER LIFE AND THIS EARTH ??? Fallen humans telling themselves, they who rule, do so as GODS WILL ??? From There, WE ARE ALL LED TO HERE , TODAY , stemmed from a branch from a tree, from a seed they planted deep deep in yesterday's past, to bee what is today, tomorrow and FOREVER ??? Psycho illogical PROGRAMMKNG ??? By False Kings, pretending to be Gods chosen ones, It's voice, it's representative ???

    Cause let's face it, in the end, The Truth is whatever they tell you, sell you it is ??? Energy, your souls, Sell your time, sell your souls ??? For some gold ??? Oil ??? Drugs , maybe ??? Whatever floats those boats for the ferry man ???

  • holtman2012
    Posted at 16:25h, 12 April

    Alex is bullshitting about what he previously said about Q…..I trusted alex for a long time ….but he has been shilling hard and that act nuts thing he does more of now? It's to be used against truthers later as to what a crazy lunatic conspiracy theorist looks like….

  • Martin Dragsbæk
    Posted at 19:26h, 12 April

    this should be the episode

  • jo 88
    Posted at 19:58h, 12 April

    Makes sense why conservatives don't want corporations to pay taxes….THEY RUN THE WORLD!!!

  • Lady Luck
    Posted at 20:08h, 12 April

    Watch 'Know More News w/ Adam Green'. He shows how these satanist Zionist are ruling over the world already, but what's coming is horrifying. Watch his recent episode with 'Israeli News Live'. He describes what's going to be happening in the near future. Once the war with Iran begins the US will engage Russia who will come do limited strikes of mini-nukes on the US. People who don't die will go FEMA camps where they'll be exterminated. Wake up, people! They're going to kill us all because we're all too scared to be called anti-Semitic.

  • Van Helsing
    Posted at 20:18h, 12 April

    Alex Jones is a piece of shit, shill fuck!

  • Graham Cartwright
    Posted at 23:24h, 12 April

    Jones told us about the Russian hoax in 2016

  • TheBearGrylz
    Posted at 00:16h, 13 April

    Got the TOP SHILL. The sandy hoax psycho. Alex “I sold myself out” Jones.

  • Nathan Schmidt
    Posted at 01:11h, 13 April

    I wish they would log links to prove everything they talk about. Allow people to read into the stuff what you’re talking about.

  • Francis Taquin
    Posted at 04:41h, 13 April

    Go Alex !

  • Tony Silva
    Posted at 14:53h, 13 April

    What most people don't understand is that YouTube Google Facebook are all part of a corporate fascist entity working as a machine towards social engineering Society to accept Marxism the end of private property and to do this you have to begin with political correctness shutting down freedom of speech come after all the process of freedom of speech involves Discovery and Discovery leads the truth, so you have to shut that down. Then you can see how we're going to make a full circle to repeat history just like VW gamma BMW Audi and Nestle we're all able to Lobby government successfully to put in policies to be able to use humans as actual slaves. Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it. So get ready to run run run, run for the Hills, run for your life. You see I was able to put that song in your head now? Mind manipulation is easy, careful what you let into your head, it becomes you. PS ironically the Russian collusion is actually real LOL it's actually real. All the elites of the world are working together pretending to be enemies LOL always has been that way

  • Tony Silva
    Posted at 14:59h, 13 April

    Everything within luciferian Doctrine seems to be morally sound except the part where you you're allowed to take advantage of people in some of the Extreme Ways. Now if we look at some of the acceptable ways you can take advantage of people through your ability to influence people say to buy a product that you make that they don't necessarily need but that they can find useful yet it brings you profits, so be it right? There's been an exchange everybody got what they wanted and that's great the other element of shittiness is when we presume that its moral and ethical for a third party to be standing in the middle of those two people making a contract holding a gun insisting on their spare share for no particular reason, on a matrix 606 level if you empathize with Lucifer you're essentially empathizing with our Central planners who are evidently suffering because they have to amputate the human spirit just as we do in order to function and operate within this system and the various systems utilized from which to manage societies. Everybody from the peak of the pyramid to this foundation must have sacrifice the human spirit of their offspring in order to operate within this system or any other system ever tried, aside from ancient free markets of the people. Now do you see? We also have the Dilemma that we manipulation by viruses to some extent or another of which today were not certain as to the degree of this manipulation potential, but if we look at the rabies virus Jesus that's 100% takeover and hijacking of the human neural network, but what of the virus influence on the human brain that operates in the stealthy and extremely difficult sophisticated biochemical and genetic level by which we have simply no ability to understand or even begin to understand the true scope nature of influence of viruses on the human brain oh, and how's that affects human social dynamics. Please give me a thumbs down thumbs up or reply so that I know this comment was not removed.

  • Arian Dito
    Posted at 16:53h, 13 April

    the Rothschilds want to get rid of Israel? who does Alex thinks he's fooling?
    "Chinese own hollywood." whaaatt?!?!?!?!!!??!!? who the fuck believes that seriously

  • Zachary stover
    Posted at 18:43h, 13 April

    Lizard people are real they come from the bloodline of Lucifer he was known as the angel of Light but also the Great Serpent and the old dragon he was a walking talking lizard person himself but can shape-shift into angel of Light and after Eve and Adam ate of the forbidden fruit God cast Lucifer on his belly

  • Zachary stover
    Posted at 18:47h, 13 April

    Eddie Bravo is the s*** him and Alex Jones are the perfect team

  • James Viice
    Posted at 07:21h, 14 April

    1:31 shhhh bravo u gunna scare our followers

  • James Viice
    Posted at 07:23h, 14 April

    2:30 can u defend yur godhood?

  • James Viice
    Posted at 07:24h, 14 April

    "They" is u mr goggles and hat

  • James Viice
    Posted at 07:27h, 14 April

    5:15 thus this is wh7y this guy can spout of about nada for 3 hrs straight

  • James Viice
    Posted at 07:31h, 14 April

    7:50 "i am bitting my toungue so hard now" eddie bravo

  • James Viice
    Posted at 07:36h, 14 April

    eddie cares about kem trails, as much as he cares if u wipe yur ass, when your not in his vicinity… period. (was dat bloody)

  • John blight
    Posted at 12:18h, 14 April

    it does seem Satan is real. however as more and more time goes by im forever more confident in god and Jesus.