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American Idol was cancelled by Fox after its most recent season last year, but ABC has now picked it back up for a 2017-2018 season. Even weirder, Ryan Seacrest may just host… like he needs another job. He was just named Kelly Ripa’s cohost on LIVE With Kelly, an ABC show.

Kelly Ripa addressed the rumors on, the now titled, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.

“I think this has to happen. I went into seclusion when American Idol was canceled. Are you going to host it? Please tell me yes.”

To which Ryan responded:

“Whatever you want. You’re my work wife! I say yes and bow to you. No, I don’t know about that part yet. We haven’t gotten that far. This was news to me last week. I had said at the end of the series, ‘Goodbye for now’ — hoping somewhere it would come back…. I don’t know if I can host it. Do you know the preparation I have to do for [Live!] every night?”

Kelly continued to send her blessings.

“I know that you’re busy in the mornings, I get it. I understand its hard doing double duty — you’ve got the radio show, you’ve got this. But your nights are free you don’t have that much to do. You can do this! You can disconnect for that! On the days where it is the day after, I will totally… you won’t even have to think, I will do it all!”

Good call Ryan, playing it safe with Kelly. We’re not ready for another Michael Strahan.

But in all honesty, we’re tired just thinking about Ryan’s schedule already… and to add American Idol to this? We need a nap.

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