Wix Tutorial – How To Add Sliders And Slideshows

Horrible Service. Stay Away – When you get burned, you learn real quick that fire is bad. Well, #hostgator burned us, their servers were slow and their technical support is slow and borderline useless! It takes weeks to get a reply, some tickets are ignored and will stay open. They don’t care if your business website is down for days or weeks! Their servers are easy targets for backdoor hacks and they took our website down for 2 days and #hostgator did not move a finger. They ush you to sign up for more services like Malware scanning or help you fix the issue through their contractor of $150

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•Shopify 14-Day FREE Trial – http://bit.ly/2jZrPqa
•Wix – Upgrade Your Free Website – http://bit.ly/2nSTbVT
•Worpress Hosting with HostGator – http://bit.ly/2pQKfRl

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