Thomas , CA – Also forced me into another year after I cancelled – They too forced me into another year after I called to cancel my renewal. They recently switched their servers and lost all of their agreements and automatically billed any expired domains. After 4 phone calls and 11 emails they told me “too bad, read the terms of service”. Terrible customer service, will not own up to their mistakes and nickle and dime every account they have. Stay away.

Our school’s PTO (us and few other awesome moms and dads!) hosted a fundraising night at Altitude Trampoline Park in Elyria, Ohio! The kids always have such a good time and it’s a great way to get families out to help support our PTO! Supporting your PTO means supporting your kiddos! Your PTO doesn’t just host fun events, it also helps boost morale, for both staff and students, raise money for our kids’ and teachers’ needs throughout the school year, and help find new ways to keep our kids succeeding in school! Support your PTO today!

If you have an Altitude near you, go check it out! Always a great time for kids AND parents! Affordable and fun for everyone!

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Functional Family Chaos

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