WP Affiliate Suite Review | Can A COMPLETE Affiliate Marketing Course for 16.95 Be any Good?

Stay away – I was a customer for over 10 years but decided to move all of my websites (at a cost to me obviously), due to their complete incompetence and having to deal with the worst customer support staff. 10 years ago I was an advocate, but if you sign up with #hostgator or any of their associated businesses, you’re only going to make your life harder. Customer support take 7 days on average to respond, and when they do, they keep asking you one question at a time, even though you have given them everything they need to get the job done. So you send a request, 7 days later they come back with “what is your account id”. You respond immediately saying “it’s already provided in the original ticket, but never mind here it is again. 7 days later they come back with another basic question such as “what is your account password”. After two months of this, for a basic request, you contact live chat. They come back to you saying “Sir, you have to be patient and wait”. You’ll never get anything done! Mark

In this video I review WP Affiliate Suite and welcome you into my dashboard for a firsthand look at this new affiliate marketing training program.

What is WP Affiliate Suite?
WP Affiliate Suite is a affiliate marketing training course that’s perfect for affiliate marketers looking to create a long-term and sustainable affiliate marketing business. Created by Chris Derenberger, WP Affiliate Suite is a comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know to make money as an affiliate marketer even if you are a complete beginner.

And at the AMAZING price of only $16.95, you’ll be gob smacked at the value and quality of the training. Chris over-delivers with this complete course.

Use my link to learn more about WP Affiliate Suite:

The Training:
The training includes an overall look at the best practices of successful affiliate marketers; from the basics of affiliate marketing to more advanced SEO practices to rank your content on Google in a matter of days.

The training modules are easy to follow and understand. Chris does a superior job at explaining each step while creating an affiliate website using his time-tested affiliate marketing theme, which will become your platform for selling your niche products.
By the end of the training, you will have a professional website ready to go with all you need to know on how to grow it and build authority by adding your own additional quality content and reviews.

You’ll watch step-by-step as Chris creates a new website on a brand new domain and rank #1 for multiple product reviews in Google in less than 3 days!
WP Affiliate Suite includes Chris’ custom affiliate marketing WordPress theme so you can get started fast.

WP Affiliate Suite comes in 5 Training Modules (the first 3 are included in the $16.95 price).
1. Affiliate Training
2. WordPress Training
3. 50K Niche Keywords List (Downloadable)
4. UPSELL – Advanced SEO Training (Additional $47)
5. UPSELL – Affiliate Coupon Strategy (Additional $47)

Additional Themes Available for Purchase:
With a WP theme shop with 50+ niche-based WP themes pre-loaded with content, you can either purchase additional niche website templates for $15 a piece or buy them in bulk for personal or commercial use.

Currently, the Personal 50 + Theme Package is a one-time cost of $97
The Commercial 50 + Theme Package is a one-time cost of $197 and gives you reseller rights.

Additional Costs
You will have to buy domain and pay for hosting your website. But these costs are typically minor.
You can buy a domain name for about $10 a year and hosting packages for as little as $3.00 a month.
Click here to get your hosting package from HostGator for up to 60% off:
https:// partners.hostgator.com/5NaO

Affiliate Training Module.
In this module you will learn about affiliate marketing and how to find products and niches to promote as well as what keywords to target in your product reviews.
1. Affiliate Marketing & Proof
2. How Affiliates Make Money
3. What is Launch Jacking
4. Affiliate Networks to Join
5. Getting Approved For Networks
6. Researching Niches & Products
7. Choosing The Right Keywords
WordPress Training Module.
Importing The WP Theme
This is a STEP-BY-STEP video series you’ll learn how to buy a domain a name, hosting, set up WordPress, import the included theme, create articles and rank them in Google.

1. Importance of Web Hosting
2. Picking a Domain Name
3. Buy Hosting and Domain
4. Installing WordPress
5. Create a Website Email
6. Importing The WP Theme
7. Username, Password & Email
8. Important Settings
9. WP Plugins Overview
10. Customize Theme
11. Categories & Menus
12. Opt-In Newsletter
13. Writing Articles and Reviews
14. Results + Being Realistic
15. Cloaking Affiliate Links
16. Banners and Ads
17. Getting Your Posts Indexed
18. Clicky Analytics
19. Checklist PDF

Advance SEO Strategies Module.
• Learn advanced off-page SEO
• Includes a 5-Step backlinking blueprint
• SEO services and providers I use
• Learn about safe link diversity
• Where I get high quality social signals
• How to use PBN’s & Guest posts
• Using expired domains as a shortcut

Affiliate Coupon Strategy Module.
• First time EVER sharing this method
• Includes my CUSTOM WP theme
• Testing and perfecting for 3+ years
• Sneaky and a bit deceptive
• Build your credibility and trust
• Offer your visitors a huge savings
• See Results in as Little as 24 Hours

I found WP Affiliate Suite to be a great value for the money. Chris over-delivers in these easily digestible training modules. Even if you are not tech savvy and have never built a website, Chris walks you through step-by-step so you won’t get lost in creating your website. There are dozens of affiliate marketing training courses online and I have tried a few, but WP Affiliate Suite delivers the goods for a FRACTION of the price.
Get WP Affiliate Suite Here:

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