Zyia Package Unboxing!!! (black pocket light and tights 7/8”)

Ali – DO NOT USE #JUSTHOST – Do not register with #Justhost. They are cheap, but have hidden fees that are not even in the fine print. I registered with them and, long story short, found out quickly that I was going to have to pay $15/year more than was i thought I signed up for. It’s not the money I was upset about because $15 is very little. It’s the principle. I asked repeatedly to be directed to where in the terms of service or on the sign-up page it indicated that I would need to pay this extra $15 and was never given an answer. In fact, not only was I not given an answer, but in the process of customer service attempting to provide an answer they sent me to the BlueHost.com website. Obviously, I would not have known I was agreeing to terms listed on the BlueHost website when I registered with #Justhost. #Justhost uses deceptive advertising tactics and if they are willing to lie for $15/year, what else are they doing? Do not trust them. I switched to godaddy.com and the service has been great.

Hey guys! I got my package from Zyia! If you want to shop through my link or join, or even just host a party, DM me on Instagram @brittneyfights and I can help you on there and direct you to the VIP Facebook group! Let me know if you have any questions, I am not here just to sell but to also build connections with people I would never have thought to even speak to before and to share an amazing lifestyle with likeminded people! Thanks for watching!
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